CPA ElderCare Services

Let us assist you in the evaluation, coordination and management of your or your loved one’s special needs.

NAIPC_MemberLogoWhat is CPA ElderCare Services?

docwomanCPA Eldercare Services was developed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants to assist an individual in the management of his or her special needs, regardless of age.

We help by providing a comprehensive program custom-designed with the client’s precise needs and lifestyle in mind.  To achieve this, we first listen to the client’s problems and then suggest ways in which we can help, such as:

  • overseeing health care services and advocating for the patient
  • representing the patient in encounters with third party payers, including Medicare
  • processing the application for Medical Assistance — Long Term Care
  • arranging for transportation, household maintenance, and other personal needs by independent contractors
  • finding appropriate housing and assisting in the relocation

Engagements can range from single consultations to ongoing managerial services.

Why hire our firm to provide CPA ElderCare Services?

aroundtableCPA ElderCare Services relies on our firm’s reputation for integrity and independence to provide a service in the public interest.  Our objectivity allows recommendations to be made in a rational and carefully thought-out process.

In addition, our high ethical standards help ensure that the client is treated fairly by independent contractors engaged in caregiving and protected from the actions of unscrupulous persons.

As a geriatric care manager and patient advocate, Faron Lebson enables us to meet a diversity of client needs. Faron holds a master’s degree in medical sociology and an advanced graduate certificate in the specialized area of health and public policy. Her master’s thesis was entitled, “The Emergence of Patient Representation in the Hospital.”

How much will it cost?

shakehandsThe fees are based solely on our time invested.  A written estimate will be provided, outlining the proposed services and their costs.

For further information or to schedule an appointment, please call our CPA ElderCare Services manager, Faron Lebson, directly at 410-655-2350 or via e-mail at

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